Used @IAStormChasing to show my Weather kids the evolution of snowfall forecasts from the past 5 days. True nature of science!
-Holly Hinkhouse


I started watching you guys with your awesome tornado warnings ect. As a volunteer fireman your information is very useful! You may have saved some family members of ours camping last summer south of Cherokee, tornadoes high wind’s. As a DOT employee your early snow prediction is very appreciated! Our local weather can’t or don’t do that!?!? Thank you for what you do!
-Rodney L Olson

For me, the best thing you guys do is update frequently when there is bad weather. You are also very good about responding to online questions during bad weather.
-Tom Hall

You guys have been my number one weather source since I found you. Thank you for all your hard work day in day out.
-Becky Prazak

Love your storm chasing! I must confess …. It’s addictive! I was glued to the screen one day and was totally startled when a rumble of thunder drew my attention to the storm that was brewing in my own backyard.
– Starr Abbas

I’m new to your site in the last few weeks. Maybe you have done this already and I just haven’t seen it but I would love to have a glossary of some of the meteorological terms I often see in your predictions. Everything else I’ve seen so far has been great!
– Sue Sullivan

I like your forecasting and that you update us about changes with each run you do. No hype, just weather.
– Mindy Buyck

You’re my go-to weather source, especially during severe weather. Keep doing all the great things you’re doing. Timely, real, unbiased updates. Like this last snowfall, I liked your advance notice of the models (i get that storms can shift) and how you handled it throughout. Also like your social media coverage–FB, Twitter and that you share pics your followers send you. Love you guys!
– Cynthia Mueller


You guys have been more accurate and updated than the local news teams. Thanks for all you do. You were a life saver when the last round of storms hit my town.
-Morgan Weirich Humphrey

I love that you track and capture video of all types of weather. You’re not just a tornado chasing team. The blizzard coverage is a great example of that. You bring the real weather world to our finger tips. I don’t really have a negative thing to say about your coverage.
– Lewis Grim

I like your prediction models BEFORE a system arrives. It allows me to plan ahead. You share several models, so I have a general idea a few days before it gets here. The closer it gets, the more solid the prediction models. I appreciate all the work you do. Thanks!
– Michele Barker

I only read what shows up on Facebook, especially when the weather is bad, I don’t have time to go to other sites. I like the Iowa map that shows areas affected. I don’t watch field coverage because in inclement weather I just need facts. I really appreciate you guys and depend on your info.
– Cecilia Durham Moen

I love that you give us REAL updates when the news channels are busy delivering hyped up forecasts for ratings! Keep doing what you’re doing, I know I can count on you guys!!! Thank you
– Shannon Michele Corley

The live coverage you provided for the storms back I think in July in Johnson County (when you were parked out in Tiffin at one point) was amazing/great coverage as well as really helpful. Appreciate all your posts and everything you guys do! Keep it up!
– John J Carlson

Great job getting information to people in the path of a dangerous storm and providing the live video stream to make us feel like we are there. I know you don’t do it just for the thrill of it even though it can get pretty intense. Prefer your coverage over my local news station.
– Shelly Reed Bailey