Targeting Kansas Today


Once again, the storms are not coming to Iowa so we’re going beyond our borders to find them. Today’s severe weather threat (seen above) focuses on the Kansas and Oklahoma areas. This is where our chase team will be tracking a storm center in central Kansas that could serve as the focus of severe thunderstorm development later today.

Our Ben McMillan is starting the day in Wichita, KS where his team will assess new data this morning and make their decision on where they plan to go from here. At this hour, it appears the greatest threat for tornadoes lies in central Kansas, perfect terrain for storm chasing. This area is very remote and very flat. As long as we have a full tank of gas we are good to go. Best of all this is an area where it is a little less likely that any tornadoes will affect populated areas, something storm chasers always prefer.

There is some concern that the window of opportunity for tonight’s severe weather event is somewhat small, so precise prediction and driving will be needed by our chase team. Another thing our team will be watching out for this afternoon is an atmospheric cap that prevents thunderstorm development. If this cap can be overcome by thunderstorms this afternoon, there is the potential for explosive development in the target area.

Besides tornadoes, we’ll also be on the lookout for some very large hail that could develop within some of these supercells. At any rate, there are a lot of variables and uncertainties with today’s threat, but we will be tracking from the road throughout the afternoon and evening. Be sure to check back with us later today on our Facebook page. And watch Ben’s live video later this afternoon when you can chat with him live from our chase vehicle at

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