Well the cat is out of the bag, as a few of you have asked about the snowfall potential this week. There is a system that we will be keeping a close eye on as it has the potential to bring severe weather and snow to the state Wednesday into Thursday.

The track of the system will be the ultimate key to how much snow, and how great of a severe weather chance we will have. The greatest severe weather threat will be near the surface low and at this time, the placement of this low differs from each model. Last night, the the GFS has the low tracking across central Iowa. This would mean the best threat for severe weather would be across central Iowa. The Euro, was further to the south, which placed the severe weather threat across Missouri. Wherever the low tracks, will have the greatest severe weather threat, which could include the threat of an isolated tornado.

To the northwest of the low, snowfall will be likely. Some of the model runs have been quite impressive with snowfall totals. At this point, it is very early to pinpoint the track of the snowfall due to the uncertainties in the track of the low, as well as the amount of snowfall. However, snowfall totals have been moderate to heavy, but do not let snowfall forecast maps floating around this early, be set in stone as much will change over the next few days. Winds will be very strong, which will also add an additional hazard.

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Zach Sharpe

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