SUPRISE! Severe Threat Over Northern Iowa Today

day1otlk_1300 Well this came a little out of the blue… The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, OK has issued a slight risk for severe weather over portions of northern Iowa. This is a very conditional threat and the likelihood of a widespread severe weather event appear low.

A lot of wind is expected today as Iowa warms up quickly.  As a storm system to our north makes its way across the Upper Midwest, severe storms could develop especially in Wisconsin and Minnesota, but northern Iowa could see storms as well.

day1probotlk_1300_wind The primary threat from these storms in Iowa appear to be strong damaging winds.  The best chances for tornadoes should stay north of the state.  With the setup we should have in place today, the severe weather threat might not end with the setting sun.

This threat is kind of similar to the isolated severe weather central Iowa saw over the weekend, small hail and a couple of reports of winds topping 70mph.  Either way it’s something we’ll certainly keep an eye on as we move into the afternoon and evening hours.

Although the risk is in place, this certainly does not look like a chasable event here in Iowa.  If you are caught in the path of a severe storm and see any damage, be sure to share that with us on our facebook fan page.

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