SUNDAY: Week-Long Outbreak Finally Comes to an End


Call the graphic above the beginning of the end.  After seven consecutive days of a risk for severe weather, Sunday should be the last of the strong storms we could see in Iowa for a while.  We’ve seen wind, hail tornadoes and heavy rain across the state during that time.  And I can speak for many who have difficulties sleeping through storms in the middle of the night that I will be grateful to get my restful nights back.

But for now let’s focus on what the image above means.  Strong to severe thunderstorms may linger over parts of Iowa Saturday night into Sunday morning.  This as a cold front begins to sweep through the state, finally signaling the end of our dealings with this persistent storm system.

As you can see, the Storm Prediction Center places the slight risk in extreme eastern Iowa, with the main focus on Illinois, Missouri and Indiana.  This is conditional, however, because a stalled out or slightly delayed front on Saturday could push the risk further west, deeper into Iowa.  On the other hand, a faster moving front could eliminate Iowa all together.  Both scenarios are possible and need to be closely monitored in the hours ahead.

Once storms do re-fire on Saturday, all modes of severe weather will be possible, but the primary focus will likely be strong damaging winds and large hail.  We will monitor Sunday’s threat and how Saturday’s storms will affect this threat.  Look for more updates throughout the day and again tomorrow.

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