SUNDAY: The Potential ‘Final Round’


There’s not much to say here except “what a week.” Several days of severe weather threats may finally come to an end on Sunday.  Now several forecast periods out, there is, of course, a lot of uncertainty with this threat, but confidence is growing that an outbreak could take shape.

As a result, the Storm Prediction Center has already posted a risk area for much of Iowa and Missouri.  It is uncommon for a risk area to be drawn up this early.  This far out there is also little if any specificity as to what types of threat we can expect.  But for now we’ll plan on all modes of severe weather.

Looking beyond Sunday, things should begin to stabilize a bit as temperatures return back to at or below normal levels.  Some showers and thunderstorms could linger over the area for a couple more days, but our threat for severe weather should, finally, begin to ease up.

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