Sunday Severe Weather Outbreak Taking Shape

day1otlk_1200The latter half of the weekend is setting up to be the main day for severe weather across potions of Iowa.  At this early hour on Sunday morning, a slight risk for severe weather exists primarily across the eastern half of Iowa.  This is the area in which the atmosphere is expected to destabilize, producing the threat of rapidly developing thunderstorms across eastern Iowa during the afternoon and early evening hours.

Unlike Saturday night’s severe weather event, these storms should push off to the east relatively quickly as the evening wears on.  But what is of most concern right now is the potential for tornadic development this afternoon.

day1probotlk_1200_tornTake a look at the graphic to the right.  You can see a near moderate risk for tornadoes over the far eastern portion of Iowa.  Even further back, all the way to Interstate 35 in fact, exists a risk of at least 5%.  On top of all this, the prime area closest to the Mississippi River is “hatched” out.  This is the area where there is a greater potential for stronger tornadoes capable of producing major damage and endangering lives.

As with every severe weather outlook over the past few days, all of this is subject to change as the weather situation continues to unfold.  We plan on providing updates throughout the day and expect to launch our live coverage once again later this afternoon.  As we make preparations to deploy our storm chase team we will do what we can to provide you with information from the field.  In the meantime, check back often during the day on Sunday for updates on this potentially dangerous severe weather situation.

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  1. Now under a moderate risk with a 30% hatched area for hail and 15% hatched for tornadoes over Eastern Iowa. It has been a while since we’ve seen such a favorable setup around here. Looks to be active today. Be careful out there and thanks for keeping us informed.

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