SUNDAY: Rolling the Dice on Iowa Target

After nearly a full year without a tornado, Iowa’s “lucky” streak is about to come to an end.  A powerful storm system that spawned tornadoes across several states will push into Iowa, bringing with it a strong chance for tornadoes.  Most storm chasers will target areas south of Iowa, and rightfully so.  But we are going to stay here, where dynamics are also looking good.


The graphic below is the tornado risk today.  This is as of early Sunday morning and is subject to major revisions while we’re on the road.  We expect a good chance for supercells to develop south and west of Des Moines.  At this time, we plan on targeting the Creston area, where we will arrive this afternoon to reassess the situation and go from there.

ALL of Iowa is under the threat for severe weather.  Initially, very large hail and tornadoes will be the primary threat.  As the sun sets, the attention will stay on large hail but shift to strong damaging winds as well.  To be clear, an isolated tornado will remain possible through most if not all of tonight.

We will have MULTIPLE chase teams out tracking the storms LIVE today.  You can follow the progress by liking our Facebook page where we will post updates and pictures throughout our chase.  And you can watch Ben McMillan’s live video feed of the storms at

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