Summer Humidity Leading to Summer Storms


There has been little in the way of severe weather threats in recent days, but for the first half of this week’s that has changed. Although we are not expecting any major outbreaks, we will have to watch out for the potential of storm capable of producing strong winds and large hail.

These storms are expected to take the form of more traditional summertime thunderstorms in Iowa. With ample heat and humidity across the state, we don’t expect much in the way of thunderstorms during the daylight hours. But as a complex of thunderstorms can develop to our west tonight and again during the evening hours of Tuesday, there is a threat of strong storms impacting parts of Iowa.

All of this is in conjunction with a frontal boundary currently draped across the state. This boundary could serve as a focal point for thunderstorms to travel along during the evening and overnight hours tonight.

Much like last night, these storms are expected to develop well to our west before threatening the area. The threat of tornadoes is extremely low, and again, the focus will be on strong damaging winds gusts and large hail with these storms should they move across Iowa.


It appears a greater risk for severe weather will exist across the northern portions of the state and beyond, into southern Minnesota. Once these storms, in whatever form they take overnight, pass through, we will see another hot and muggy day across Iowa on Tuesday. This should prevent the development of any additional storms in the afternoon, however that cannot be completely ruled out.

As the sun sets, and the atmosphere switches into night mode, we should see thunderstorms fire as a cold front approaches. Once again, this could lead to a complex of strong to severe thunderstorms which could impact parts of the state.

We will be watching the threats for the next couple of days and will bring you any updates that come in later today and tonight.

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