Strong Winds Pummel Iowa

today.gifA strong line of severe thunderstorms developed as expected north of Iowa this evening, quickly turning into a southward moving bow line that brought strong, damaging winds to many parts of the state.  In preparation for a wedding I’ll be in tomorrow, we ran right into the east side of this thunderstorm complex.  Not a good time to be on the road for sure.

Wind damage was reported in many areas over the northern half of Iowa.  The blue dots on the map to the left indicate severe wind reports and/or damage.  The red indicates tornado reports, two of which were in Iowa.  No word yet on whether either tornado caused any damage.

Overall a classic summertime thunderstorm complex made its way across Iowa.  I can tell you from our vantage in northeast Iowa, we enjoyed an hour long light show before the storm even reached us.  Not bad for a relaxing night after a long rehearsal.

All in all a pretty potent system, that should ramp up once again tomorrow.  We’ll have more on tomorrow’s threat later as the entire state likely faces the threat of strong to severe thunderstorms when a secondary boundary moves through the state.

Besides the severe weather threat, Iowa also faces hot and humid conditions on Saturday.  And, as always this time of year, we’ll have to watch out for the threat of flash flooding brought on by heavy rain.

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