Iowa Wind Advisory

A fast moving weather system will increase both sustained wind and wind gusts across much of northern Iowa early Friday morning continuing into the afternoon hours. Breezy conditions are expected elsewhere during the day tomorrow over the remainder of the region.

A wind advisory is in effect from 3am to 6pm Friday. Strong winds will develop between 4 and 6am Friday morning and continue into the afternoon hours. Sustained winds of 30-mph or higher along with wind gusts approaching 45-mph at times will be common.

Operating high profile vehicles, especially on north south roads, may be difficult. Loose and unsecured objects may be blown around easily by the strong winds. A wind advisory means that  winds of 30-mph are expected along with gusts of 45-mph at times. Winds this strong can make driving difficult, especially for high profile vehicles. Use extra caution.


Zach Sharpe

My name is Zach Sharpe. I am the president and forecaster for the Iowa Storm Chasing Network. You can find me on Twitter @Stormchaserzach and on Facebook at:

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