Strong Thunderstorms Raining on New Week

radarStrong to occasionally severe thunderstorms are currently rolling through central Iowa.  These storms for the most part remain under severe limits, but a warning was issued earlier this morning after a 60mph wind gust was recorded in the Waukee area just west of Des Moines.

These storms will continue to trek across the state.  Further to the west, additional thunderstorms are expected to develop later this afternoon and evening across portions of Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri.  These storms will eventually enter the state. Although the threat for severe weather exists tonight, we don’t expect a major outbreak by any means.

After sunset, the primary risk from these storms will be occasional large hail.  But of bigger concern is the rain that continues to fall over portions of the state already saturated by rain last week.  This is an ongoing problem that we’ll have to keep a very close eye on.

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