Strong Storms Possible Today


Severe Weather?  Yep, we still can get that from time to time here in Iowa.  Although rare during this devastating drought, a chance does exist for strong storms later this afternoon and evening.  As you can see in the graphic above, the threat exists over much of the state, however it is largely dependent on where a cold front sets up.

Now before anyone gets excited, this cold front will not bring any drastically colder conditions to Iowa.  The 90’s appear ready to stick around for the foreseeable future.  As for today, there is plenty of instability in the atmosphere for any storms to tap into.  But the expectations are that because this front is relatively weak, no organized severe weather outbreak will develop.  There does remain the threat for all modes of severe weather, with the primary threats coming in the form of strong winds and large hail.  A tornado or two cannot be ruled out but the chance of that appears very low.

Another thing many will be looking out for is rain, and lots of it.  While areas that experience a strong storms could see some downpours in the 1”-2” range, that in no way will be enough to alleviate the drought or be widespread enough to have a major impact.  While that situation could buy farmers in a small area some more time, the drought is here to stay.

We will monitor todays trends and if severe weather develops, we’ll bring you updates throughout the day.

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