Strong Storms Could Make Mid-Week Comeback

day3prob_0730A cool and relatively quiet period has persisted for several days.  But the pattern is slowly expected to shift back into a more active cycle in the coming days, beginning with Wednesday.  A modest storm system will move through the Upper Midwest producing showers and thunderstorms.  Although dynamics do not look good at this time, we could see some isolated strong winds and large hail as these storms move through.

As a result, the Storm Prediction Center has posted a low-end 5% risk over much of Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and even Kentucky.  Although a broad area this remains a very muddled possibility.  As the event draws closer it’s possible we could see portions of this risk area upgraded to a slight risk, something we will closely monitor.

We’ll have more on our upcoming risk tomorrow, and later have a look at what lies ahead for next week as a strong storm system looks to enter the Great Plains and Midwest area.

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