Stormy Week, Damaging Wind Remains Possible

After a destructive wind event toppled trees, power lines and damaged buildings across eastern Iowa, mother nature is already whipping up several more chances for severe weather this week.

Of course the main concern is focused on today, as waves of energy continue to focus threats of thunderstorms across eastern Iowa Wednesday morning.

Untitled Looking beyond, a frontal boundary system is expected to set up shot over northern Iowa.  This will become the focal point for more showers and thunderstorms tonight.  Shear remains quite low so the risk for tornadoes is also low.  The main area under the gun for tornadic development will be along the boundary, wherever it positions itself.

saturday Looking ahead a few days, there are several shots of severe weather possible for the remainder of the week, but the threat, again, is marginal at best at this time.  A more organized threat for severe weather takes shape on Saturday.  But again, the threat appears to be for damaging wind.  We will continue to monitor this threat as it changes pending what happens over the next 72 hours.

Beyond Saturday’s front we should see a northwest flow return that will bring cooler and drier air.  This should limit rain and thunderstorm chances for a few days next week.

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