Stormy Second Half to Weekend in Store

day1otlk_1300So far, a storm system is staying just south of Iowa.  But it doesn’t appear it will stay there.  Showers and a few rumbles of thunder are possible across southern Iowa Saturday Morning.  But with a warm front well to the south of Iowa, it’s expected most of the thunderstorms will stay in Missouri.  Even so, a scattered thunderstorm cannot be ruled out for Saturday afternoon across the southern half of Iowa.

As we move toward the overnight hours, showers and thunderstorms will develop, especially in Nebraska.  Although a slight risk for severe weather is possible, most storms should stay in Missouri.

That all changes on Sunday when the warm front begins to push northward.  At this it appears this should not happen until after sunset when showers and thunderstorms are again sparked along the front.  This could produce a late night severe weather event across Iowa.  Large hail and a few strong winds gusts are the primary threats.  This risk for severe weather is pretty low and the main concern lies in heavy rain once again falling in areas that just don’t need it.

day2otlk_0600As the storm system exists the state on Monday, another round of severe weather could fire up over eastern Iowa.  We’ll of course monitor all of these risks over the next 48 hours and bring you any updates as they come in.

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