Stormy Pattern, Timing Limits Severe Threat

Untitled There are chances of storms most days of the week.  But the timing of those threats will cut back the chances of severe weather and almost nullify the potential for a chase… at least for now.

A slight risk is posted for portions of western Iowa today.  Storms are expected to develop in the Dakotas and push southeast into Iowa later this evening.  Supercells should develop, but after sunset the complex should evolve into an MCS and create a wind threat over the slight risk area. 

So, once again, the threat is there for a noisy night.  As for eastern Iowa’s threat of severe weather, chances COULD increase later this week.  A slow moving frontal boundary is expected to take up shop somewhere over northeast Iowa and southeast Minnesota.  Depending on the final placement of that front and instability over eastern Iowa, presuming we’re in the warm sector, a round or two of severe weather is possible as we move closer to the weekend.

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