Storms Stay North Today

day1otlk_1300A hot an humid day shaping up across Iowa today.  This kind of weather is usually followed by a round or two of showers and thunderstorms.  While that should happen, the timing is WAY off.  Storms today will stay north of Iowa, although some severe weather could skirt the northernmost counties.  Storms are expected to fire along a frontal boundary well to our north later today.  These storms could make their way into Iowa early Wednesday morning, but at this time no severe weather is expected here.

day1probotlk_1300_tornThe greatest risk for tornadoes is tagged from the Minneapolis area to points east into Wisconsin.  Dynamics are setting up rather well in this area as the frontal boundary moves through.  Chasers will undoubtedly focus on this area today.  Overall it looks like a good set up for a chase that far north with tornadoes the primary risk.  Hail and wind are threats but not nearly as high.

day2otlk_0600We’ll keep an eye on things today in case storms reach the northern part of the state.  We are also monitoring a threat tomorrow for the southeastern quadrant of Iowa.  As the frontal system lingers over some areas, another round of showers and thunderstorms could develop.  Hopefully we’ll get another short break from the rain before another front makes it’s way through and threatens to linger, bringing a threat of heavy rain over the weekend somewhere in the Upper Midwest.

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