Storms Live Up to the Threat


Earlier today we urged our fans to spread the word about today’s serious threat for severe weather.  Before we get into details we want to thank EVERYONE who alerted their friends and family.  Damage was done but so far it appears serious injuries were avoided here in Iowa.

That doesn’t mean these storms were not dangerous.  Case in point, this photo from Robert Halliday of twin tornadoes west of Hampton.  Multiple tornadoes, funnel clouds, rotation and hail were reported across numerous counties in northeast Iowa.

I will say the outbreak was not as bad as we had feared.  One reason why was the setup was a little south of perfect, but still very good.  Also, there were no real “pick of the litter.”  In a situation of long track tornadoes, the storms often become independent and break away from any complex.  Even so, the line of storms that fired produce plenty of dangerous weather that did cause some significant damage, but thus far in Iowa, nothing widespread.  We take these days as very thankful ones because we got plenty to see with none of the tragic aftermath.

For those that did sustain damage, the cleanup begins before the next round of storms this weekend.  More on that tomorrow.

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