Storms Could Return Tuesday


We are hoping to return to a little bit of normal here at Iowa Storm Chasing, and there is no better way to do that than to once again focus on the forecast. We are looking at an approaching storm system that could impact parts of Iowa, especially areas west of Interstate 35, on Tuesday.

The storm system should drape a frontal boundary across portions of western Iowa that could trigger showers and thunderstorms. At this time the setup for this event appears pretty weak. Depending on the conditions which set up Tuesday afternoon, we could see some modest instability in the area capable of triggering some strong to severe thunderstorms.

At this time the threat appears to be isolated and we do not plan on chasing these storms. The primary threat of any storms that do reach severe limits is large hail. The risk for tornadoes appears very remote. A greater threat of severe weather will exist across portions of western Oklahoma and southern Kansas.

Also, the threat of additional heavy rains capable of adding to area flooding concerns is also low, which is very good news for areas that are trying to get the worst of the flooding behind them. Overall this is a very minimal threat that should serve as more of a nuisance than a widespread threat.

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