Storms Coming With Relief From the Humidity


After several days of heat and humidity, a cold front is finally pushing through Iowa, ready to bring some relief with it. The front will also serve as a focal point for thunderstorm development as the heating of the day produces enough energy to fuel any storms that fire.

Some of these storms could reach severe limits, however dynamics are not very good for an organized severe weather outbreak. Instead we are looking at a more traditional summer day of storms, which could feature some strong winds and large hail. Tornadoes do not appear likely today and any which do develop across Iowa would likely be weak and short lived.

Thunderstorms are expected to develop along or just west of the I-35 corridor in northern Iowa later today and further west towards the Omaha area. As the front continues to push east through the afternoon and evening hours, the storms will roll along with it.

Behind the severe weather threat is relatively tranquil weather for Iowa, as we continue to deal with a dry stretch of summer days. Moving forward, we will be very interested to see how much rain falls and where today and how it will impact the threat of slipping into another drought.

Sunday, areas of southern Iowa, which were some of the driest in the state, received a healthy amount of precipitation. That’s good news, but there are plenty of other parts of Iowa reporting a significant deficit of rain this month. Anything that could close that gap would be welcomed by just about everybody.

We will continue to monitor today’s severe weather threat and will post updates throughout the day on our Facebook page.

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