Storms at Random, Wind and Hail Possible

day1otlk_1300 Iowa, especially the eastern half, faces another day of random thunderstorm development as an unstable atmosphere again could produce marginally strong showers and thunderstorms.  That’s prompted the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, OK to post a “see text” for the area for a minimal risk of a rogue severe thunderstorm.

Yesterday, some storms produced some gusty winds.  There was some isolated reports of large hail as well, but nothing organized materialized and the same is expected today.  The threat of storms should decrease later tonight, giving us a break from the rain for a few days before storms return next week.

yesterday.gif Believe it or not, the scattered storms yesterday produced some damage. The blue dots on the map to the right indicate strong wind reports.  The green indicates large hail.  Guthrie County reported isolated structure and tree damage from wind gusts estimated around 70mph yesterday.  That is a possibility again today, but again, storms should be very isolated.

Taking a closer look at next week things look rather stormy.  Right now the best chance for organized storms could come on Thursday when a storm system passes through the Upper Midwest.  As always this is an extremely long way out so all we can say it we’ll continue to watch it.

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