STORM UPDATE: Heavy Snow Confined to SW Iowa

recentsnowfallThe winter storm has come and gone.  All advisories and warnings have ended and now it’s time to clean it all up.  As you can see in the graphic to the left a sizeable amount of snow fell across portions of central and western Iowa today.  What was so unique about this storm is how it simply fizzled out as it moved across the state.  That coupled with warmer air to the east spared that half of Iowa from the heavy snow.

Many portions of Iowa reported more than six inches of snow.  Of course this pales in comparison to the 10”-20” that fell in parts of Nebraska and Colorado.  Nevertheless, this will take some time to clean up.  Some roads remain covered with snow and ice but overall conditions are quickly improving.

No major storms currently in the forecast for the state so we’ll enjoy this breather as hopefully what snow fell today will soon melt away just like the inches that came before them.

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