Spring Transition Delivers Flooding Threat to Iowa

Seems like only yesterday we were talking about a crippling drought.  That drought continues in central and western Iowa, but eastern Iowa is another story.  Officially the drought was busted last month over much of eastern Iowa, thanks to snow melt and a thawed ground finally starting to absorb some moisture.

We are still a ways off from normal and there is debate how far the moisture has made it into the soil.  Either way, eastern Iowa has seen a lot of rain recently and more is on the way tonight,


In the graphic above, you can see the areas under a flood or flashflood watch tonight and into tomorrow.  River levels are rising and will need to be closely monitored over the next several days.  Tonight, flash flooding is possible as heavy rains add to an already saturated soil. 

There is also an isolated risk of hail tonight, similar to last night.  But it appears the primary threat, officially, will be heavy rains.  The good news is the overall damage should be minor.  Most farmers haven’t begun the planting process.  But it’s still something to monitor and will certainly give some sump pumps a run for their money.  We’ll continue to monitor tonight’s threat in Iowa.  Our chase team is also in Kansas monitoring tonight’s threat for severe weather.  As always you can track their progress at our LIVE COVERAGE page.

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