Spring Showers Welcomed Sight as Drought Continues

UntitledFor weeks it’s been a running joke in Iowa that Spring… even Summer were way ahead of schedule.  We said that based just on temperature.  Now with Spring really here, according to the calendar at least, other stereotypical features of the season are back in full force.

The most notable is the rain.  After weeks of exceptionally dry conditions, showers and thunderstorms are now washing over the state.  This is fantastic news for farmers who will begin planting their crops in a matter of weeks.  Large portions of northwest Iowa are currently experiencing a severe drought.  You can see that in the areas shaded in darkest brown in the graphic to the left.  Anything that would alleviate that at all is fantastic news.

Of course what we’re most interested in this time of year is the potential for severe weather.  After a few strong storms the other night, there is not really any signs of organized severe weather in the near future.  Cooler and more stable conditions, along with a lack of any storm systems capable of producing strong storms, will remain the case for several days.

gfs_namer_168_1000_500_thickBut there are a few things to watch out for next week, most notably Tuesday afternoon and evening.  A large storms system is expected to make its way into the central US. Of course being so far out makes it impossible to forecast any type of severe weather.  But it’s safe to say it will produce severe weather somewhere, just no way of telling where.  For now we’ll enjoy a relatively tranquil weekend.  We’ll post updates, if needed, as next week draws closer.

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