SPECIAL REPORT: Severe Weather 101

# 001We’ve stayed pretty quiet in recent weeks here at iowachase.com… That’s because the bulk of winter weather we’ve experienced has been minor and “expected” for this time of year.  But springtime severe weather is right around the corner.  In my travels and chats and conversations with people both aware and unaware of my storm chasing pursuits, I’m amazed at how many people don’t understand the plethora of information out there when it comes to severe weather, and most important, what it all means.

That’s why I am working on a series of reports here on Iowa Storm Chasing to help better explain some of the graphics, terminology and weather tools you hear about on radio, television and right here on our site.  I hope this series gives you a unique an informative view of all that goes in during a severe weather event.

Here’s a rundown of the stories we plan to bring you later this week:

Monday, March 14th – Severe Weather Chain of Command

Tuesday, March 15th – Understanding Severe Weather Forecasts

Wednesday, March 16th – Mesoscale Discussions: What Do They Mean?

Thursday, March 17th – Watches & Warnings

Friday, March 18th – The Technology of Tracking Severe Weather

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