SPECIAL COVERAGE: Iowa Chasers Travel South

day1otlk_1200While Iowans enjoy (or loathe) all of our newfound snow, southerners are preparing for something much more serious, the threat of a tornado outbreak.  The Storm Prediction Center is forecasting this outbreak to affect a rather sizeable area, as you can see in the graphic to the left.

Our Ben McMillan is in Arkansas this morning, heading out into the risk area to chase these storms.  This is an area that is generally not easy to chase in.  The terrain is not ideal for long viewing distances.  That not only makes it difficult to document storms, but difficult to track them, adding to the risk for those out chasing.

Severe thunderstorms are expected to explode Sunday afternoon and quickly turn into supercells.  A tornado outbreak is possible, especially over on particular area. day1probotlk_1200_torn If you look at the graphic to the right, you can see this area bulls eyed.  Eastern portions of Arkansas as well as western portions of Tennessee and northern portions of Mississippi face the greatest threat from these storms.

Although far away from Iowa, we have people in the region tracking these storms and are monitoring the situation.  We hope to bring you more from storm chaser Ben McMillan throughout the day tomorrow as the weather gets active.  Fortunately… a long ways away from Iowa.

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