SPECIAL REPORT: Storm Chasing With The Best

UntitledWe’ve been sitting on some big news here at Iowa Storm Chasing for a few weeks.  We didn’t want to say anything until it was official.  But now we can tell you what the big news is.  Our own Ben McMillan will spend the next several weeks as part of the Twistex storm chasing team.  You’ve likely seen Twistex and its leader, Tim Samaras, featured on the Discovery Channel program “Storm Chasers.”

72344_153622934676463_153601191345304_255297_117433_nBen’s role with the team will primarily be that of driver.  But his experience in analyzing storm systems, tracking them and capturing tornadoes will of course be a valuable resource as the team moves forward with their annual chase.

DSC00762Tim Samaras is best known for developing his specially designed sensors that he tries to deploy in the path of the tornado.  His sensors can carry high definition video cameras and other instruments that take all kinds of readings from inside the vortex.  The work is dangerous, but the payoff of a direct hit could be invaluable in increasing our knowledge of the world’s most powerful storms.

Unfortunately this does mean our ability to chase here in Iowa will be somewhat affected by Ben’s new mission, as his work will likely keep him away from Iowa for the next couple months.  But it’s an amazing opportunity and one we hope to share with you.  Ben hopes to report from the field as they chase down storms throughout Tornado Alley.  And we’ll be sure to bring you updates as soon as he’s able to bring them to us.  In the meantime we’ll continue to provide you coverage of severe weather threats, whenever they form, right here in Iowa.

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