Some People Just Can’t Catch a Break

UntitledIt seems like the snow is never going to stop for northeast Iowa.  The areas hit hardest by most of the storms that have hit Iowa this year are under the gun for the worst again.  A large portion of northern and eastern Iowa was upgraded to a Winter Storm Warning this morning as snow continues to fall and heavier totals are now expected in this area.  You can see the area upgraded to a warning highlighted in pink to the right.

This is where 5”-8” inches of snow is expected before this storm system moves out of the area.  The snow will produce yet another challenge for road crews as holiday travelers spend Christmas Eve trying to get to their destinations.  Although not a major amount of snowfall, it can produce a lot of problems.  Going by my own personal experience, a burst of snow fall late last night caught some travelers along Interstate 80 off guard.  Even though accumulations were minor, the combination of reduce visibilities and slick conditions sent a few people into the ditch.

Those driving today would be best advised to take it slow and if at all possible, delay your travel plans to let road crews get as much work done as possible. It looks like the bulk of the snow fall should end around sunset, hopefully roads will improve before morning as crews clear away all the snow. 

We’ll continue to monitor the latest information coming in and plan to update snow totals later today.  Remember you can always submit your storm totals and pictures by emailing us at [email protected]

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