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ECMWF Snowfall

Iowa High Temperatures

Today felt a lot like winter. The clouds moved back in this afternoon, and some parts of the state even saw some light snow showers. This morning, the 10am temperature was 18°F. Last time it was that cold this soon was November 11th, 1995. Highs only made it into the 20’s, with the gusty wind, the feel like temperatures were in the single digits.

Temperatures will be a few degrees warmer on Thursday and Friday as an area of high pressure begins to move into the area. This area of high pressure will allow for clear skies on Friday. The high pressure will be located across western South Dakota on Thursday and it will continue to move off to the southeast. Thursday will be a partly sunny day with gusty winds. Winds on Thursday will be sustained between 10mph and 13mph with gusts up to 20mph.

Iowa Futurecast

By Saturday morning, the high will be off to the east across Illinois. This will allow our next weather maker to move into the state. A trough will be moving through the state Saturday and this will provide a chance for widespread snowfall across the state. Snow will begin to enter into the western half of the state early Saturday morning.

Snow will continue through the afternoon on Saturday. After all said and done by Sunday, snowfall totals will be between 1″ and 3″. Right now the models are not in good agreement on where the moderate snowfall totals will end up. It appears there will be two bands of snowfall. One across northern Iowa and one across southern Iowa. This is where the highest potential for 2″ to 3″ of snowfall accumulation appear to be. In the middle, across the central portion of the state, snowfall totals look to be between 1″ and 2″.  The heaviest of the snowfall will stay to the south of Iowa across Missouri. Below are the GFS and ECMWF snowfall outputs. These will continue to change over the next few days.

GFS Snowfall Totals

GFS Snowfall Totals

ECMWF Snowfall

ECMWF Snowfall Totals

After this system pulls out by Sunday, cool weather will be filtering in, lowering temperatures a few more degrees cooler than where we are today. Temperatures will still continue to be below average and this trend looks to continue through Thanksgiving. Below is the very latest temperature anomaly for Monday November 17th. Temperatures next week continue to look to be 20 to 25 degrees below average. Average for this time of year should be in the upper 40’s to near 50.

Temperature Anomaly

Things will continue to remain cold, so bundle up and stay warm. As always we will continue to have all the very latest updates, so continue to check back here for all the very latest details.


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