Snow, You Knew It Would Happen Sooner or Later

It might not be tomorrow, but snow flakes are not far away for most in Iowa.  Storm systems forecasted to make their way through the Upper Midwest will bring chances of snow showers for parts of Iowa over the next week or two.

We begin with Saturday, when a northward moving warm front will keep temperatures above freezing for most, but the timing could produce some problems for the northern half of the state.  With temperatures still below freezing further north, some areas could see some freezing drizzle.  It could produce some slick spots but at this time no widespread problems are expected.

Looking further ahead, a threat of snow is in the offing just as people begin moving out for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Snow showers are possible as a low pressure system, tracks southeast of Iowa, bringing wraparound moisture to Iowa, likely in the form of snow.  Accumulations are possible and changes in the forecast track need to be possible.  It’s far too early to nail down exact snow totals, but a couple of inches of snow are certainly possible.

nsm_depth_2010111905_MidwestNow is a good time to remind you some areas of Iowa are already dealing with snow.  Take a look at the graphic to the right.  The areas shaded in blue have snow on the ground right now.  This area has shrunk since the snow fell a week ago.  Despite the snow cover, much of Iowa and areas to the west of the state remain clear of snow. 

But snow will continue to spread over the Upper Midwest in the coming days and weeks.  A second round of snow is possible next weekend, but it’s too soon to tell how much.  One thing that is certain, temperatures are expected to drop in a big way.  Temperatures by the latter half of next week should dip below freezing during the day and drop to the teens if not lower at night.

We’ll monitor the coming storms systems and update any changes in the current forecast.  Either way, snow lovers should get a glimpse or two of white landscapes in the days ahead.  Still remains to be seen if this is the beginning of a permanent snow cover or just a preview of things to come when winter officially arrives.

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