Snow Set To Blanket Parts of Eastern Iowa

UntitledThe National Weather Service has upgraded areas of northeastern Iowa to a Winter Storm Warning for this afternoon, running through Saturday morning.  You can see this area in the graphic to the right highlighted in pink.  This is the area at greatest risk to see more than 6 inches of snow by tomorrow morning.  Areas further south and west (highlighted in blue), are under a Winter Weather Advisory.  Snow totals of 1-5” are expected in this area.  The latest computer models remain in strong agreement on this feature and confidence is relatively high that this scenario will play out as expected.

Snow bands are already forming on radar this morning, but not all of it is reaching the ground.  As the atmosphere continues to saturate during the day, we’ll see snow overspread much of the eastern half of the state.  The heaviest bands are expected to fall in southern Minnesota and northeastern Iowa.  Winds will cause some drifting in areas that receive the most snows, but at this time I don’t expect a crippling event that halts virtually all travel.

If you venture out in this area tonight or tomorrow, take it slow and be cautious of other drivers around you. 

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