Smooth Sailing Into Thanksgiving

There’s been little to talk about in the world of weather here in Iowa. The pattern remains relatively calm with just a storm system or two staying south and east of the state. There are currently no indications that this pattern will change anytime soon.

Before I get into the longer range outlook I want to stress that the reliability of these forecasts is extremely low and in no way should be taken seriously when it comes to specifics. It does, however, provide us some insight into large scale weather patterns. One bit of good news in the long range outlook, no major cold snaps in the offing as temperatures should stay above freezing, at least in the daytime hours.

As for precipitation chances, there’s also very little to report in terms of major storm systems. One bit of caution is the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Where a pair of storm systems could affect the Upper Midwest. While track and intensity of these storms systems is impossible to predict, at this time it appears snowfall is not a major concern. Even so, trends in over the next 7-10 days will be closely monitored.

Looking beyond Iowa, no major storm systems are taking shape. Some severe weather is possible to our south and east later this week, but no major outbreaks are expected. For now we’ll enjoy the quiet weather, because with a La Nina winter lying ahead, tough to say this will last for very long.

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