Smattering of Hail and Wind Damage This Afternoon

today.gifAn ongoing line of showers and thunderstorms ramped up in intensity as it reached parts of southern and eastern Iowa early this afternoon, producing damage in a number of areas.  The green dots on the map to the left mark where large hail was reported.  The blue dots indicate strong winds in excess of 58mph.

Strong winds and large hail hit some areas especially hard.  In Jasper County, a high school was damaged by strong winds.  You can see the visual evidence of this damage in this photo from WHO-TV in Des Moines.  Click here to read more about the damage in Jasper County.  The greater Cedar Rapids area saw a lot of large hail that likely caused damage to a number of cars.

Further to the east, strong winds are being blamed for knocking over a semi near Cascade, and at least one tree and power line in Monticello were downed by wind gusts.  At this hour storms continue across portions of southern Iowa, but the bulk of strong storms is now moved south into northern Missouri.  So for now, attention must turn to Wednesday when another round could affect portions of the state.

Much like today it really looks like another hit or miss scenario but a decent shot of severe weather exists for much of the state.  We’ll take a closer look at that threat later this evening.

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