Small Severe Threat as Overnight Storms Possible

Untitled The Storm Prediction Center has placed much of Iowa under a slight risk for severe weather.  Current thinking is a complex of severe thunderstorms will develop somewhere to the west of Iowa. 

If it can hold its act together in the evening/overnight hours, we could see a nocturnal severe weather event.  But the models indicate that will be tough to do as we reach sunrise on Wednesday.

090619_s Another weak severe weather threat is also possible for Wednesday, more on that tomorrow.  Also keeping our eye on another storm system moving into the Midwest over the weekend.  If it follows the ‘ring of fire’ pattern over Iowa, we could be in for another bumpy weekend.  The picture to the right shows that ring, the ride of high pressure creates a very defined path for storm systems in the upper Midwest and the southeast.  Will need further monitoring to determine whether this pattern will change before the weekend.

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