Slow, Southern Track Limits Severe Threat Today

day1otlk_1300After Iowa’s long day and night of severe weather yesterday, things once again are muddled today.  The storm system that’s plagued the Midwest all week is taking its sweet time getting out of here, and it’s doing so in a way that continues to make the forecast confusing.

So here we go, a slight risk of severe weather exists for areas in southwest Iowa.  This is the area closest to a low pressure center that will not move much today.  A frontal boundary is draped across the state this morning, but there’s little in the way of instability over much of Iowa.  For now we’ll focus on southwest Iowa, where the atmosphere stands a better chance of recovering this afternoon, triggering a new round of strong storms.

All modes of severe weather will be possible and I’m slightly concerned about another tornado threat today simply because of this area’s position in association with the low.  Overall parameters are, again, not all that great.  But that’s the way yesterday morning looked as well. 

This storm system has proven time and time again that it can be unpredictable so the best advice I can give is to stay tuned as we’ll bring you updates throughout the day as conditions begin to come together and storms once again fire across parts of the state.

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