Slight Severe WX Threat for SE Iowa

day1otlk_1630My apologies for keeping this post rather short as I am running on just a couple of hours sleep.  After a 22 hour drive during a storm chase that took us all the way to Oklahoma, I am trying to get a number of things back in order now that I am home before I finally get some more useful shut eye.

Today a slight risk exists over portions of southeast Iowa.  This risk is for all modes of severe weather as a storm system begins to push south and east of the state.  Although this threat is not great, it does bear watching over the next few hours. 

It pales in comparison to the massive severe weather threat expected further to the south.  I hate to say this, but once again it appears parts of the U.S. will face deadly and violent tornadoes.  It’s a phrase we’ve heard far too many times this year. More than 500 people have died in tornadoes in 2011 and that number is expected to continue to rise.  This is already the deadliest tornado season in nearly 60 years.

Here in Iowa I’m hopeful things will settle down a bit but there are some storm systems in the days ahead we’ll be keeping an eye on.  For now we’ll keep things short term as we try and get things back in check.  We’ll monitor today’s threat and bring you more if the conditions warrant.

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