Show Me State Gets Shown A Lot of Snow


Most in Iowa will be spared from this winter storm.  And that’s a good thing because this one could have packed a whallop.  Fortunately for people in Missouri the snow totals, although heavy, could have been much worse had it all fallen as snow.  Either way, travel will become very difficult for a large portion of Missouri tonight and through Sunday.  Anyone traveling in this area should use extreme caution or just postpone your plans all together.

Unlike many storm systems we’ve seen in recent weeks, this one will take its sweet time moving through the Midwest.  In fact, snow could fall for a very long time across portions of Missouri.

Behind this storm system, certainly no warm up.  The region is expected to remain well below normal for this time of year.  In fact, Iowans should be experiencing 50 degree highs by now, but very little of that in the forecast.  All we can do is wait for Spring’s fashionably late arrival to finally get here.

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