Short Break Before Things Ramp Up Again

gfs_slp_090m After a stormy weekend, Iowa is getting a chilly break from severe weather.  But it won’t last.  By Wednesday, the next storm system will take shape and move into the Great Plains.  From there it’s expected to produce a relatively widespread round of severe weather on Thursday.  Personally I’m not terribly excited about this one because it’s a bit out of our range.

day48probThe threat should stay to our west, but an overnight round of severe weather in Iowa is certainly a possibility.  Strong winds and large hail would be the primary threats if this happens.  The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, OK already has a risk out for a large area south and west of Iowa.

gfs_slp_132mLooking further ahead, the models don’t push the storm system out.  Instead it hangs up in the Upper Midwest and threatens to bring several rounds of showers and thunderstorms to the area.  Of most interest to me is the set up for Saturday.  As the storm system pushes out, a frontal passage over central or eastern Iowa looks possible.  If this were to happen, we could see a round of organized severe weather this weekend will all modes (hail, wind and tornadoes) a possibility. 

As always, this is still several days out and by no means a concrete prediction.  But certainly something to watch out for in the coming days.  The good news is the storm system brings with it warmer temperatures. Parts of Iowa could bounce back into the 80’s by this weekend.  Something to look forward to in those periods that we dodge the rain.

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