SEVERE WX UPDATE: High Pressure Wins Over

day2otlk_1730 Earlier I posted a blog talking about the power of the “H.”  Well that rings true this weekend as a dynamic setup for severe weather will stay west of Iowa.  The reason?  A large area of high pressure to our east preventing any storm systems from coming near the area.

The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, OK has backed off its slight risk for Sunday to just the western part of the state.

day2probotlk_1730_any The highest risk for strong storms appears to be in portions of Nebraska and South Dakota.

What’s keeping Iowa’s weather quiet should keep that area’s weather quite active.  The SPC is posting several risks for this area including today, tomorrow and Monday.  But all of this will stay out of the state for the most part until a large high pressure system moves out of the region.

This pattern blocking organized storms from developing across Iowa is not expected to change anytime soon.  In fact unseasonably warm temperatures and few if any chances of precip is expected to remain the norm in Iowa for at least a week and possibly longer.

It’s hard to say at this time when the weather pattern will change.  So the best advice is to enjoy the quiet and summer-like weather as much as you can.  There is still little to talk about in terms of daily severe weather threats across Iowa.

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