Severe WX Postgame: Storms Just About Everywhere

today.gifDidn’t really matter where you lived in eastern Iowa, chances are you saw a lot of lightning and heard a lot of thunder.  Fortunately there was a small amount of damage from a pair of storm lines that produced winds as high as 60 mph.  The graphic to the left shows the wind reports in blue.

You’ll notice the red dots in southern Minnesota.  Those are tornado reports and in some cases the twisters got pretty big.  KTTC-TV in Rochester, MN reports significant damage to one farmstead.  Eyewitnesses say the tornado was almost stationary for 5 minutes before moving to the northeast and disapating.

39923_449826874244_120941689244_6343881_7927094_nTo the right is a photo of the tornado near Hayfield, MN sent into KTTC-TV.  You can see the vortex reaching the ground and kicking up a good amount of debris.  I expect the National Weather Service to survey the damage and give an estimate on the wind speeds this tornado was packing.

All in all a pretty widespread event, but outside of southern Minnesota, not a whole lot of serious damage.  Storms are finally out of the area tonight and we can enjoy a quiet night.  Tomorrow, at least for western Iowa, might be a different story.

day2otlk_1730To the left is the risk area for severe weather on Saturday.  You can see much of western Iowa falls under a slight risk.  Another frontal system will move through the state, bringing a threat of strong storms.  We’ll take a closer look at this threat in the morning and bring you an updated forecast.  In the meantime enjoy a quiet night without any thunder.  After Sunday, we’ll have some BELOW normal temperatures and a lot drier air to enjoy.

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