Severe Weather Threatens A Return to Iowa

day3otlk_0730Seems a lot of showers and a few rumbles of thunder is all Iowa has seen recently.  A lot of rain and not much else from these storms.  But as you can see to the left, the risk for severe weather is making a comeback.  This is the threat area for Sunday.  Much of Iowa is already under a slight risk but there are a lot of questions left to be answered with this new storm system.

A cold front will approach the state and could fire off some showers and thunderstorms late Saturday night and into Sunday.  Once this clears, another round of storms is expected to develop Sunday Afternoon.  Right now, there is not a lot of good support for the development of severe weather, but with the available energy, it’s certainly possible a few storms will reach severe limits.

If conditions change, it appears some hail and especially strong winds would be the primary threats.  At this time the threat for heavy rain appears minimal but bears watching as the event draws closer.  We’ll keep an eye on this threat in the coming hours and days.

day48probOnce the storms move through, Iowa will get a break on Monday, but it won’t last long.  Another system will bring showers and thunderstorms back to the state on Tuesday.  It’s too soon to tell what kind of threat we face, but the graphic to the right indicates an ongoing active period.  These are the rare Day 5 (Tuesday) and Day 6 )Wednesday) risk areas issued by the Storm Prediction Center.  Right now the bulk of severe weather is expected to remain north of Iowa.  But again, with so much time between now and then this bears a lot of watching.

This time of year we certainly don’t expect a lot in the way of tornadic development.  The greater risks in July generally are large and widespread hail events and strong, straight line winds.

We’ll have an update on Sunday’s severe weather threat tomorrow.  We’ll have a better break down of what to expect as the weekend comes to a close.

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