Severe Weather Season Around the Corner?

gfs_slp_180mAfter weeks of cool or downright cold weather, the pattern appears to be shifting towards a mild spring regime.  Eastern Iowa could soon see its first 80 degree readings of the year and with that warmth will come moisture and instability.

The image along with this post shows a strong low entering our area next weekend.  The system is still far enough out that the timing, track and overall setup remains a mystery, but it’s a sign that the overall pattern is shifting, and storms, general and severe are right around the corner.

In the coming days I’ll be making final preparations for this year’s chase season, whether it begins in a few days or a few weeks.  I hope to make some announcements soon about some new tools we will be utilizing for this year’s chase that will allow up to bring the best and most accurate information during and after the storm both here and on KCRG-TV 9.  Stay tuned!

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