Severe Weather Preparing for a Comeback?

day48probSince the tornado super outbreak of April 27th to our south, the nation has been relatively quiet when it comes to severe weather.  Now with the pattern beginning to make a northerly shift, it appears that lull will come to an end.

New waves of energy are expected to push east into the more traditional “tornado alley” and bring with it the potential for severe thunderstorms.  The greatest threat at this time lies well to our south, especially over areas of Oklahoma and Texas.  But this could be a sign of things to come.  As of today, some forecast models bring a storm system towards Iowa.  Along with it, a warm front that could linger over the state for a few days bringing multiple rounds of showers and thunderstorms.

gfs_slp_144mOf course all of this depends on the eventual track of this storm system that is still several days away.  But, if it does happen, we could see one or more rounds of severe weather over parts of Iowa.  At this time it appears the greatest threat would exist somewhere around the Wednesday timeframe, when a low pressure center could track across or just north of Iowa.  Again all of this is subject to change as the final forecast may turn out to be much different.  Either way it’s the next storm system that we’ll be keeping a close eye on here and will bring you more updates in the days ahead.

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