Severe Weather Likely Tuesday

Iowa Moderate Covective Outlook

Iowa Moderate Covective Outlook

It is the buzz that is currently going around town today. Significant severe weather is likely tomorrow, and this is the very latest. The storm prediction has highlighted an area from Nebraska to Illinois of a moderate risk of severe weather tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. Tomorrow afternoon, low pressure will be centered over the Nebraska/Kansas boarder with a warm front extending to the east from this low. This warm front will be draped across southern Iowa and that will help fuel storms tomorrow evening.

Storms will form in central Nebraska, and this is where the highest tornado potential will be. Storms will then work off to the east as the low pressure slides to the east. As storms continue their way towards Iowa, they will begin to line out and form a bow echo. The severe threat will then shift form a tornado threat, to a widespread damaging wind threat. While the tornado potential still exists in Iowa, the greater risk that you should be concerned about is straight line winds, possibly up to 80mph, and flash flooding. These storms will be heavy rain producers, producing over three inches of rain in places. Storms will enter western Iowa after 9pm and will make their way into central Iowa by midnight. Tomorrow afternoon and evening will be a great night to have the weather radio on. If you do not have one, I highly recommend going out tonight and getting one. They are life savers. If you have any family in the red shaded area, please share this article with them so they are aware of the life threatening weather that will be expected tomorrow afternoon.

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