Severe Weather Could Disturb Your Sleep Plans


If you are not a fan of loud noises at night, this might not be the best time to count on a good night’s sleep. That’s because another cold front is about to pass through Iowa, and this one is bringing a bit of oomph behind it.

As a result, a modest amount of instability in the atmosphere today and tonight will give way to showers and thunderstorms, especially as we move into the evening and overnight hours. At this time we do not expect a serious threat for tornadoes, but a more organized threat of large hail and strong damaging winds. This is something that we’ll closely monitor throughout the evening hours as the storms begin developing and progressing across the state.

The one bit of good news out of all this is the potential to ease some dry conditions. July has been an especially dry month for many areas after heavy rains and flooding earlier this year. According to the new Drought Monitor posted this morning, a majority of the state (primarily central and western Iowa) are experiencing abnormally dry conditions.

Any rain that falls tonight will certainly be welcome news for many farmers trying to get their growing season back on schedule. Trouble is, any rain that comes tonight might also come with severe weather as well.

We will monitor tonight’s threat and post any updates as they come in.

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