Severe Threats Taking Shape for the Week

day2otlk_0600Things are about to get a little more active for the central United States.  From Colorado to Kentucky, a threat of strong to severe storms will begin early in the day on Wednesday.  The good news is there does not appear to be much threat for a widespread outbreak of severe weather.  And although the threat of tornadoes is minimal, some storms could produce some dangerous conditions.

We begin with the graphic to the left.  This threat is for Wednesday afternoon and evening.  Thunderstorms, some capable of producing large hail are possible over portions of Iowa during the day.  Any storms reaching severe limits should be isolated and, again, no organized severe weather is expected.  As the storm system moves off to the east, the risk becomes a little stronger.  But at this time, a few strong wind gusts and a threat of large hail appear to be the primary dangers.  The chance of a tornado appears slim.

day3otlk_0730A new storm system will enter the weather picture on Thursday, producing strong to severe storms in the Colorado/Kanasas/Nebraska area.  Once again, the primary threat from these storms appears to be large hail.  Dynamics are just not looking all that good for an organized severe weather outbreak.

Looking further ahead, more severe weather could develop as we head into the weekend.  But there is far too much uncertainty to nail down a target area.  Right now it appears any severe weather which develops on Friday or Saturday will likely stay south of Iowa.  But, as always, we will continue to monitor the situation.

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  1. Hi, Want to give a special thank you to Storm Chacers as their experiences shared with us all gives us all knowledge. This is Sarah again, Take care Jessie personal friend storm chaser all my prayers are for you at these times.

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