Severe Threat Shifts to Eastern Iowa Sunday

day2otlk_1730The ever changing threats continue to do just that as the fine details of this persistent storm system continue to play out across the central United States.  With the potential for a late night severe weather event tonight across western and central Iowa, eastern Iowa will get it’s shot at strong storms on Sunday.

The Storm Prediction Center has posted a slight risk for severe weather for the eastern portion of the state.  At this time all of this will hinge on two major factors: 1) Timing and placement of a cold front set to cross the state from west to east and 2) how quickly the atmosphere can recover form early morning showers and thunderstorms.

At this time it appears that’s exactly what will happen across eastern Iowa.  Where the atmosphere should destabilize during the afternoon hours.  If this occurs, thunderstorms should develop.  Those storms will be capable of large hail and strong damaging winds.  At this time it appears that the ingredients for tornadoes to develop looks somewhat good and will need to be closely monitored as this event unfolds on Sunday.

day2probotlk_1730_anyTo the right you can see the probabilities forecasted for the area.  A higher end slight risk is posted and it will be quite interesting to see how the risk areas break down tomorrow morning when they’re separated by type of severe weather.

If this threat continues to pose a threat to eastern Iowa, we plan on deploying in this area to track the storms in the field.  As always, we’ll do our best to bring you live coverage from the field and at the very least provide you with real time weather information including watches, warnings and severe weather reports.  This is the last update on Sunday’s threat until early tomorrow morning so for now we’ll go back to focusing on tonight’s threat in western and central Iowa.  But for those in eastern Iowa, I hope you keep a close eye on the weather and check back often tomorrow for updates on this unfolding situation.

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