Severe Storms Saturday 8/8

South Dakota Tornado August

After only being back for less than 24 hours, our chase teams are gearing up to head back out to chase another round of severe weather which will move across the southern portion of the state by Saturday afternoon. On Thursday, our chase team traveled to eastern South Dakota, where they ended up near a town of Brookings. This is where the found two brief tornadoes near the city of Volga and Brookings, SD.

After returning to the state very early Friday morning (3:30AM), and running on a few hours of sleep today, we are looking into Saturday’s set up.

day2otlk_1730The greatest potential will exist across southern Iowa, along and south of interstate 80. The severity of these storms will be greatly impacted by the evolution of showers expected Saturday morning. Storms will be moving out of eastern Nebraska by 6am Saturday, and will push off to the northeast. These showers will continue to diminish through the morning hours and will then set up outflow boundaries across southwest and south central Iowa.


These outflow boundaries will be the focal point for storm development and increased tornado potential by Saturday afternoon. The area outlined in blue above, will be closely be monitored for an updated outlook. This area may be placed under and enhanced risk of severe weather, which would be a step up from the slight risk which is already in place. This area has the greatest probability of all modes of severe weather, including a few tornadoes.

nam4kmFLT_prec_radar_033Key timing on these severe storms in southwest and south central Iowa will be after 6pm and before midnight. As storms enter into south central Iowa, storms will begin to line out, which will transition the tornado threat over to a damaging wind and hail threat. Our teams will be out in this area Saturday, so stay tuned to the Iowa Storm Chasing Network for the very latest updates.

Zach Sharpe

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