Severe Storms and Soaking Rains on the Way


As we inch closer and closer to fall, the thought of severe weather begins to fade here in Iowa.  But it’s not over yet.  A strong cold front will surge through the state on Thursday, bringing with it the threat of severe weather, especially over the eastern half of Iowa.

There is some good news with this chance for strong storms, there is moisture in the atmosphere, and lots of it.  If all goes according to plan, this will produce widespread and soaking rains.  Certainly not enough to break the drought, but with every inch that falls, conditions will improve over areas that get the vital rain.

So what kind of threat are we looking at?  The primary threats will come in the form of large hail and strong, damaging wind gusts.  This is something that we will closely monitor throughout the day Thursday as conditions begin to set themselves up and the cold front comes roaring in.

As always, be sure you are aware of the weather conditions around you and the weather conditions that are heading your way.  And be sure to check our Facebook page throughout the day for updates on the potential for severe weather.

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